The Operating Layer
of solana AI

Powering Solana's Next-Gen AI-Native Ecosystem

Fueled by pre-trained AI models that continuously ingests real-time data streams, gmAI arms developers with powerful APIs and SDKs to effortlessly integrate AI capabilities into their dApps

dApps for AI
Powering Solana's Next-Gen AI-Native Ecosystem

Decentralized Computing

gmAI leverages a decentralized network of node operators who contribute their computing resources to tune and serve AI models


Blockchain-centric Feature Store

Data is continuously collected, validated, and enriched by the community, incentivized by a tokenized reward system

On-chain data





Off-chain data

Social sentiment

Twitter XDiscordTelegram

Website analytics

BUILD and scale ON TOP of gmAI

Developer Toolkit [SOON]

Versatile and adaptable, gmAI's architecture seamlessly integrates with any existing blockchain protocol - from DeFi to on-chain gaming and beyond. Elevate user experiences by embedding gmAI’s capabilities into your dApp's interfaces

Onboard The Next Million Users To Solana through gmai-powered dapps

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